A Proud Moment for Griffiths…. welcoming Seven Apprentices to the business

Last week, we welcomed seven talented and driven individuals into Griffiths as part of the Welsh Apprentice Alliance. They met with members of the Senior Leadership Team and had the chance to hear from various areas of the business.

Managing Director David Parr said “It was a pleasure to spend time with our new recruits and welcome them to Griffiths. I look forward to seeing them develop and flourish within the business. I would also like to thank Welsh Government for promoting the Welsh Apprentice Alliance and supporting us in identifying our exceptional candidates”.

The Apprentices were also joined by Jake Turberville and Paul Williams, themselves both having been through a similar career path and now holding senior positions in Griffiths. Two great examples of what a career at Griffiths can achieve.

Stay tuned as we follow their progress and celebrate their achievements!

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