A361 North Devon Link Eastern Urban Extension

The project involves the construction of a new junction from the A361 near Tiverton, Devon, due for completion June 2022.

A key development of the Tiverton Eastern Urban Expansion providing additional capacity and enabling access to the employment sites in the north westof the area as well as servicing the proposed future residential housing infrastructure in the area. Phase 1 included a left in left out junction on the A361 east of Tiverton including earthworks, drainage, landscaping, safety barrier, acoustic barrier / fencing and resurfacing of the A361.

The work comprises the construction of 200mof new link road with a new roundabout to the North which will tie in with a new over bridge on the A361 to be constructed in the future.

The extension of this new link road will tie in to a new temporary bellmouthon Blundell’s Road. Works entail the construction of a new spine road to the south of Blundell’s Road which will form the main access to the new housing development. As part of these works is approximately 2.5km of storm drainage and 1.5km of foul drainage to be installed. The storm drainage will outfall to two new attenuation basins south eastof Blundell’s School. These basins will allow water to percolate to the natural soils so as tominimise any impact the development will have on ground water levels. The foul drainage will tie into the existing network on Blundell’s Road.

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