A470 Cwmbach to Newbridge-on-Wye

The scheme is 5.7km long single carriageway Trunk Road in Mid Wales. This was an ECI contract requiring delivery of the scheme through publication of draft orders, public inquiry, publication of orders, and detailed design and construction.

A Public Inquiry was held in July 2009 over a four week period. No objections were maintained by any of the statutory bodies. This was achieved by closely working with the relevant bodies throughout the development of the scheme.

Following the successful PI, we were awarded the design and build contract and was completed ahead of time in December 2011.

The key elements of the project included:

  • Landscape
    • One of the key challenges due the location in a high quality
      rural landscape
    • Integration into existing landscape was essential
    • Achieved by slackening of cutting slopes, retention of existing
      vegetation and early mitigation planting
    • Ration of trees removed to trees planted – 1:10
  • Ecology, Nature Conservation
    • Involved crossing of the River Wye and Tributaries SAC twice
    • Several protected species eg. Badgers, bats, white clawed crayfish, lichen
    • Mitigation measures included:
    • 87 bat boxes
    • 19 hibernacula and invertebrate log piles
    • 4 swift and 2 dipper nest boxes
    • 10 mammal crossings
  • Sustainability
    • Scheme developed to ensure no import or export of materials
    • No timber entered the waste steam
    • Local suppliers, supply chain and directly employed personnel
    • Trackers fitted to all plant to monitor efficiency
    • Employment of school leavers and sponsorship through their CITB ConstructionSkills Apprenticeships
  • Construction
    • 5.7km of single carriageway with 3.5m verges
    • Earthworks – 430,000m3
    • 3 major bridges across rail and river
    • Attenuation ponds – 7 no.

Built here

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