Bournemouth Pier Approach

Following appointment as the chosen Contractor, Griffiths carried out Phase 2 of the public realm space at Pier Approach in 2017.

The works were focused on redeveloping the western half of the site following the completion of Phase 1 in 2015. The works form part of Bournemouth Borough Council’s Seafront Strategy to deliver a world class seafront for Bournemouth over the ensuing 25 years.

The project comprised hard landscaping and remodelling works to the western side of the pier approach, including:

  • Paving and Public Realm Works – some 6000m2 of existing paving was removed, formation reconstructed and circa 120,000 setts and 15,000 slabs were laid in just 4 months, working 24/7 to ensure opening for peak season
  • Preparation and installation of 2 large planters, comprised of individually shaped precast units
  • Installation of 7 underground refuse bins involving deep excavations and temporary works
  • Construction of steps and seating/benches across the Pier Approach are Refurbishment of CCTV and other electrical equipment
  • Extensive drainage upgrade with decorative drainage channels and slot drainsBournemouth seaside attracts circa 7.2 million visitors each year and has a number of key businesses. These were managed through a stakeholder engagement plan and regular meetings.

Works were phased to ensure the safe passage of pedestrians throughout the works and working with the seafront events team to mitigate any impact on these key events.

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