Bristol Water Maintenance and Repair Contract

Working with Bristol Water across the whole region on a high volume of smaller scale repair and maintenance projects for residential and industry clients.

Bristol Water Maintenance and Repair Contract

Griffiths were awarded the contract in Autumn 2018 to work with Bristol Water on small scale reactive and planned works across the whole Bristol Water region that covers 1,000 square miles. 

The majority of the work was to fix failed or leaking assets for potable water that had been identified by members of the public and other stakeholders. The issues identified would be reported to Bristol Water who would then flow this down to the Griffiths team. We would then attend site to assess the problem, formulate a solution and then mobilise staff and equipment to solve the issue, with most projects requiring a condensed programme. 

To facilitate the works Griffiths was involved in a number of preliminary activities. These included engagement with local residents to discuss issues, timings and access. Our project lead would visit the site, assess the requirements and liaise with local residents, including letter drops and door to door in person communication. 

A high number of the projects were located within the carriage way or pavement, and Griffiths utilised our internal NRSWA trained staff to plan, deploy and maintain chapter 8 compliant traffic management. 

Due to the reactive nature of the work, our project lead held daily meetings with Bristol Water to understand the upcoming workload to allow collaborative planning and programming. This enabled proactive identification of issues and workshopping for solutions in advance of the site-based activities, while ensuring the resources allocated to the contract worked in an effective manner. 

We had four crews working on the contract and received multiple commendations from the public and Bristol Water Management. Below is an extract from a site audit completed by a Bristol Water Project Manager. 

“Excellent signing/guarding which ensured all vehicles and pedestrians had clear instruction on areas around their vehicle and site. Footpath closed with alternative routes clearly marked. Site was well organised with dig boards in place ready to break ground. Gold standard chapter 8.


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