Completion of Barmouth Viaduct Refurbishment

Griffiths are Proud to announce the successful completion of the Barmouth Viaduct Refurbishment Project.

In July, bridge sections were delivered to the Griffiths compound, where they were carefully assembled, alongside the creation of temporary tracks for trials.

During the second blockade, Griffiths utilised a 400-tonne crawler crane to carefully move the two bridge sections onto the rail track. These sections were transported down the tracks to the old bridge using a Unimog and trailers to push the bridge along the track. The installation process involved carefully placing the new bridge inside the old bridge. Subsequently, the old bridge was strategically demolished and hoisted down onto pontoons in the sea, orchestrated with precision during high tides. The new bridge elements were then slid into position of the old bridge structure.

Griffiths handed the structure back to Network Rail on 25th November 2023 and will proceed with the final phase of the project, involving the removal of temporary works and structures.

The successful completion of the Barmouth Viaduct refurbishment stands as a testament to Griffiths’ dedication to excellence in infrastructure refurbishment and rehabilitation.

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