Driving Digital Forward

At Griffiths we are working towards building a sustainable supply chain by cutting wasted mileage, saving fuel, and eradicating paper from our operations.

Adrian Davies

Plant and Transport Director, Adrian Davies commented:

“With a fleet of 100+ vehicles, we were looking for a better way to manage the planning process, having previously relied on paper tickets throughout our 40-year history.  

Part of our journey to improving processes has been the introduction of electronic ticketing software from PODFather.  The beauty of the PODFather solution is that not only does it eradicate paper tickets, but it enables businesses like ours to take a big picture view of our operations and drive efficiencies.”

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Daniel Kinch

Griffiths Recycling Manager, Daniel Kinch said:

“The PODFather system gives me full visibility of waste coming in and products going out of our recycling division.  We no longer rely on paper tickets as a record; we can download the data we need straight from the system and know that it’s accurate.

Visibility better, invoicing turnaround is so much faster, and we can handle any queries much quicker.  It also makes managing our quarterly waste management return a much easier process for everyone involved.”

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Claire Wilkes

Listen to Claire Wilkes, ePOD Coordinator explain how the PODFather system is so user friendly.

Mark Phillips

HGV Driver Mark Phillips finds the PODFather EPOD app is so easy to use!

Listen to Mark explain the simple process he needs to follow from start to finish!


Sian Williams

Senior Cost Clerk, Sian Williams said: Onsite paper ticketing systems are a real nightmare, especially when tickets get lost or damaged.

So, I was delighted to hear that Griffiths was embracing new technology with the introduction of the PODFather system.

Watch the video of Sian to see what else she said about the ePOD ticketing system!

David Noblett

Listen to Operations Manager, David Noblett explain how the electronic POD system provides benefits to multiple departments across our product teams.

Having a paper free system for the co-ordination of waste movements reduces both the administrative burden of running our operation and gives us a reliable, auditable trail for environmental compliance purposes.