Driving Sustainability Forward
Follow our plant and Transport team’s green journey

Our Plant and Transport team are working harder than ever to make Griffiths as green and sustainable as possible.

Watch our videos to find out more.

Adrian Davies

Plant and Transport Director, Adrian Davies, discusses the exciting initiatives behind making the Griffiths fleet as green and sustainable as possible.

Dave Dando

So, just how do you make heavy goods vehicles more environmentally friendly? Here’s Transport Manager, David Dando, to explain all things DPF, AdBlue and HVO.

Libby Davies

Fleet Coordinator, Libby Davies, explains how educating our operators on making little changes to driving techniques, can lead to big fuel savings.

Anthony Hughes

Griffiths aim to reach net zero emissions by the year 2030 is well underway. Here’s Plant Operator, Anthony Hughes, to tell us more.

Paul Evans

Plant Workshop Manager, Paul Evans, gives an insight into how even routine maintenance of equipment can be both lean and green.