Griffiths Awarded Welsh Culture and Language Award

Griffiths were delighted to receive the Welsh Culture and Language Award at yesterday’s virtual Social Value for Future Generations Awards presentation.
The Award recognised Griffiths’ ongoing commitment to promote the use of the Welsh Language in the workplace.

This commitment was demonstrated when we relaunched an initiative, originally introduced at the 2017 National Eisteddfod, to display the orange ‘Iaith Gwaith’ logo on the hard hats of our Welsh speaking staff on St David’s Day.

The success of our initiative has been driven by our Welsh Language Champions, a staff focus group which was formed following an appeal for Welsh speaking staff to provide support and guidance regarding the appropriate use of the Welsh Language. The key objective of the Focus Group was to meet the aims of the Well-being of Future Generations Act, and in particular the ‘Vibrant Culture and Thriving Welsh Language’ wellbeing goal. The Group have also developed the use of the Iaith Gwaith logo on the email signatures of all Welsh speaking, office based, staff.

The ‘Iaith Gwaith’ logo, developed by the Welsh Language Commissioner’s Office, is widely recognised as indicating that an individual speaks Welsh and is seen as a simple way to encourage the use of Welsh not only in the work place but also when dealing with members of the public affected by our work.
Stephen Tomkins, Griffiths’ Managing Director, commented:

As a Company we strongly believe in the advantages and value of using the Welsh Language in the workplace. As well as promoting the language amongst our workforce, it also helps us become more representative of the Welsh communities in which we work and demonstrates our commitment to the ‘thriving Welsh language’ aspect of the Future Generations Act. We continue to promote the use of the Iaith Gwaith logo on our hard hats and have already seen the positive influence these logos have in, encouraging members of the public to converse with our Site teams in Welsh.

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