Mission Successful on the A40 Project Weekend Operation

The A40 Llanddewi Velfrey to Redstone Cross Improvements team at Llanddewi Velfrey successfully reached a significant milestone at 5am on Monday 19th June.

After extensive planning and preparation, the construction team led by the Principal Contractor Alun Griffiths were able to successfully construct the new online section which included a significant increase in levels between the now old section of the A40 and part of the new A40 at Ffynnon Woods, located west of Llanddewi Velfrey.


To facilitate this, the A40 was temporarily closed between 8pm on Friday 16th June 2023 and 5am Monday 19th June 2023.


This milestone is a significant step for the Scheme, which is jointly funded by Welsh Government with support from European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). These works ere strategically scheduled during a weekend and outside of school holidays to minimise disruption to local businesses and the community. Effective collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders was key to the success of this endeavor.




Andrew Davies, Project Manager added:

A significant online section has now connected west of Llanddewi Velfrey thanks to amazing collaboration between various organisations and a very committed team working around the clock in shifts during a continuous 57 hour operation to get the job completed safely and on time. Everyone involved should very proud of their hard work and of their achievement, and we hope the users will understand this significant milestone, with it being the first section of the new road.

In order to maintain uninterrupted emergency services, a nearby side road was temporarily closed and carefully managed to provide an alternative route around the affected area. The emergency services utilised this route effectively throughout the weekend.


Andrew also added:

I would also like to thank the local communities affected by these works and the residents in North Pembrokeshire for showing such great understanding whilst we closed the A40 to complete this challenging task.

Looking ahead, construction work will proceed rapidly during the summer months, primarily taking place off-line and at a distance from the current A40.

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