Rock Bolting & Rockfall Protection Systems

Our highly skilled rock bolting team use passive or active netting systems to control and prevent rockfall from natural or man-made rock slopes. Bolting often is preceded by scaling and bulk rock removal.

  • All sectors and locations – AG have installed bolts on railway, highway, coastal, residential and commercial sites. From ground level to at height, above water etc.
  • Scaling and bulk rock removal – Removal of loose rock and debris from the slope prior to stabilisation or use of a netting system. This can be done mechanically or by hand and is typically supervised by rope access operatives.
  • Mechanical installation – Rock bolts installed by mechanical means either attached to plant or a steel wheeled frame / sledge.
  • Long reach capability – drills can be mounted to long reach excavators, telehandlers and cranes. AG have undertaken a project where a 38m reach was needed.
  • Drilling Equipment – Ripamonti top hammer pneumatic and hydraulic drills with draw stroke of between 1 and 4m length.
  • Diameter and length – from 33mm to 100mm diameter and up to 10m length.
  • Variety of materials – Use of solid core bars, prestressing steel bars, GRP bars and stainless bars. Mechanical anchors with solid bar or cable fixings. Hexagonal and diamond meshes.
  • Grouting – Post grouting systems. Resin grout systems (pumped and cartridge).
  • Testing  – In house capability to undertake a variety of pull tests and produce test reports with analysis.
  • Barrier/Rockfall protection system installation – Landslide / debris barrier installation, Rockfall catch fence installation, Interception apron installation, Rigid barrier installation


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