Rope Access & Working at Height

Griffiths have over 40 years’ experience of rope access and working at height making us the ideal partners for difficult to access locations that would otherwise be inaccessible by conventional means. Griffiths is an accredited member of the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA).

All Griffiths rope access technicians are multi-skilled operatives and can complete a variety of works.

  • Concrete Inspections – on concrete structures such as bridges
  • Concrete / Brickwork Repairs – localised repairs to bridges, viaducts, walls etc.
  • Masonry and Wall Tie Inspection and Repairs – structural
  • Cladding and Façade Inspection – structural
  • Silo Inspections (inside) – chemical plants
  • Pressure System Inspections (inside) – typically within gas plants
  • Chimney Inspection – steel and concrete stacks
  • Paint and Galvanized Coating Inspection – generally on bridges, wind turbines and masts.
  • LOLER Inspection – to inaccessible lifting structures
  • Installing Cladding– to buildings.
  • Steelwork Inspection and Repairs – structures
  • Glass Inspection and Replacement – on tall buildings
  • Historic Condition Surveys – for both building and structures
  • Geological Inspection– of cliffs and slopes
  • Blade Inspection – of wind turbines
  • Geotech – supporting the geotechnical business in all aspects i.e. devegetation, scaling, drilling

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