Slope Stabilisation

Slope stability is an issue impacting the construction and maintenance of geotechnical assets often used to support roads, railways, mining and quarrying infrastructure together with commercial and residential properties.

With extensive slope stabilisation experience across all sectors, the Griffiths team consists of geotechnical specialists from designers to engineers, geologists to construction managers. They’re here to help our clients diagnose, design and construct new earthworks or stabilise existing earthworks utilising a mixture of soft, reinforced and hard solutions.

With the growing impact of global warming and ever demanding use of infrastructure resulting in greater strain, stability problems and ultimately reliable functionality of geotechnical assets, our teams in-depth understanding of slope stabilisation has become an invaluable resource to many of our clients.

  • Equipment – Fleet of earthmoving and placement machinery. Specialist excavator attachments and drill rigs
  • Concept Engineering – Production of concept / preliminary design solutions, management of design development
  • Hard Engineering – Embedded retaining walls. Reinforced concrete and spray concrete
  • Reinforced Slopes – Reinforced earth slopes utilising geogrids and / or modular facings to produce slopes of up to 80 degrees. Gravity retaining walls
  • Soft engineering – Unreinforced slopes, regrading of existing slopes to stable angles, excavation and replacement of slopes with stronger materials. Shear key formation, drainage blanket and slope drainage / counterfort installation

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