Soil Nailing

From ground level to projects above water and at height, Griffiths have installed bolts on railway, highway, coastal, residential and commercial sites.

Griffiths use soil nail systems (often combined with a steel mesh or spray concrete finish) to stabilise slopes or open cuts for both new and old infrastructure.

  • Mechanical installation – Rock bolts installed by mechanical means either attached to plant or a steel wheeled frame / sledge.
  • Long reach capability – drills can be mounted to long reach excavators, telehandlers and cranes. AG have undertaken a project where a 38m reach was needed.
  • Drilling Equipment – Ripamonti top hammer hydraulic drills with draw stroke of between 1 and 4m length.
  • Diameter and length – generally from 76mm to 220mm diameter and up to 20m length. Mechanical anchors with duckbill heads.
  • Variety of materials – Usually hollow core bars but this can vary. Mechanical anchors with solid bar or cable fixings. Hexagonal and diamond meshes, reinforced steel meshes and spray concrete.
  • Grouting – Simultaneous drill and grout technique.
  • Testing  – In house capability to undertake a variety of pull tests and produce test reports with analysis.


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