Ground engineering is a fundamental component of infrastructure and building projects, often resulting in the interface between the ground and structures such as retaining walls, bridges, tunnels, and buildings.

Griffiths geotechnical team have a broad range of skills and experience which includes steel fixing, shuttering and brickwork. This allows us to expand our offering to provide complete self-delivery of not just the ground engineering elements of projects but the structural components as well.

  • Reinforced concrete – Steel fixing, use of timber and proprietary shuttering systems for beams, walls, slabs and foundations
  • Mass concrete – Slabs, rafts, blindings, kickers and slip forming
  • Precast concrete – Installation of precast concrete components such as bridge beams, foundation floor slabs and retaining wall units
  • Modular steel construction – Installation of fabricated steel sections for bridges, platforms, foundations, king post walls
  • Bridge and building foundations – Strip, pad, raft and pile cap constructions


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