Sustainable Engineering


The Griffiths Sustainability Strategy is an ongoing journey, not a fixed destination. It guides our actions amidst concerns like energy security, resource scarcity, and community well-being during the climate crisis.

In construction, we see an opportunity for positive change and embrace our responsibility. With financial stability and technology, we commit to adapting practices and implementing innovative ideas, benefiting end users, communities, and our team on every project.

We will deliver these by being

  • A Trusted Partner
  • Financially Secure
  • Technology Enabled

Our Journey to Zero

We will implement a strategy that delivers, for our customers, our business and our future generations. This strategy establishes our commitment to engineer infrastructure to support a vibrant economy, our people and communities without a detrimental effect on the environment.

It is key that our strategy is demonstrable by our actions, and that our approach is data driven and measurable.

Our Journey to Zero


When it comes to sustainability, everyone needs to step up. That includes organisations like our own. At Griffiths, we see it as our responsibility to challenge the industry stereotype and an opportunity to lead the way. That’s why myself and the entire Griffiths team have committed to making a positive impact, through solutions that make a tangible difference on every project and on every site.

David Parr, Managing Director, Griffiths


Research highlights that collaborative problem-solving yields better outcomes. We are proud of the way we work building collaborative, long term partnerships working proactively to deliver for future generations. Being part of the CRH Group provides us with access to a wealth of national and international experience and resource.

Simon Dunn, Pre-Construction Director, Griffiths


We’re working across the business to use the power of every pound we spend to maximise the contributions we can deliver from our projects to social value, working to deliver projects with zero incidents and make positive environmental impacts.

Ioan Roberts, Commercial Director – Rail, Griffiths

Technology Enabled

The digital tools we refer to foster innovation and cooperation. We use digital solutions to measure and monitor our sustainability progress. These ensure we use our resources efficiently, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote a circular economy.

Jack Whitney, IT Manager, Griffiths