Griffiths: Cutting Waste, Saving Fuel, and Going Paperless

Plant and Transport Director, Adrian Davies commented “With a fleet of 100+ vehicles, we were looking for a better way to manage the planning process, having previously relied on paper tickets throughout our 40-year history.  

Part of our journey to improving processes has been the introduction of electronic ticketing software from PODFather.  The beauty of the PODFather solution is that not only does it eradicate paper tickets, but it enables businesses like ours to take a big picture view of our operations and drive efficiencies.”

PODFather Managing Director, Colin McCreadie commented: “The introduction of PODFather into Griffiths has enabled Adrian and his team to remove the use of paper tickets across the business.

Our load allocation, vehicle check, driver tracking, and electronic ticketing solution gives everyone real time visibility of what’s going on where across the entire operation.

Moving away from paper has also been integral to helping Griffiths exceed its legal obligations with regards to material movements.  Using PODFather means that the Griffiths teams has full time accountability for all waste transfers and product deliveries, ensuring regulatory compliance which is so vital when working in the construction sector.”

Now, with PODFather in place, teams and customers have full visibility of what’s being moved where, and we can save thousands of tonnes of product from being sent to landfill every week.

Griffiths Recycling Manager, Daniel Kinch said “The PODFather system gives me full visibility of waste coming in and products going out of our recycling division.  We no longer rely on paper tickets as a record; we can download the data we need straight from the system and know that it’s accurate.

Visibility is better, invoicing turnaround is so much faster, and we can handle any queries much quicker.  It also makes managing our quarterly waste management return a much easier process for everyone involved.”

PODFather Business Development Manager, Steven Truong commented “The system is designed to be an intuitive, yet easy to use system.  The Griffiths team really embraced the process wholeheartedly and it’s now used daily to plan how work is allocated and tracked.

The PODFather team was on hand to see the implementation through from start to finish, and it was great to see the Griffiths team’s commitment to making it a success.  This level of focus means that the team is hitting its sustainability targets with ease.

Knowing that we have had such a key role to play in achieving these targets, gives the PODFather team a great sense of satisfaction.”

Here at Griffiths, we are constantly innovating to reduce our impact on the environment and surrounding communities.

Plant and Transport Director, Adrian Davies said: “Working with PODFather has transformed the way we handle material movement in our business.

We are embracing new technologies to be a sustainable business for future generations.

Watch this video, to find out how the Griffiths team are benefiting from using the PODFather system.

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